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Anonymous said: You're beautiful 😆 if only you were a little older !

Ahhh thanks anon :) age is only a number…! How much older?

Anonymous said: That is good! I shall come of anon when i feel confident because right now i am rather shy haha

Haha I’m shy too! Please come off anon :)

Anonymous said: A while ago one of my friends came out a bi then a few weeks/months later she said she wasn't anymore. Recently I have stated devolving feeling for her and I am not openly bi although I think about it quite a lot. What should I do. I wonder is she is bi but didn't like the negative attention she got? I just really don't know what to do or what to feel? (Also my dad is quite homophobic so I doubt I would ever feel comfortable) thanks x

You could try to talk to her and just become friends first. Get to know her as friends and you could ask her about her sexuality, in the process you’ll probably have time to figure out your feelings towards her and decide if a relationship between you two could be possible :)

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