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Anonymous said: it hurts when you think you found maybe a nice woman who is into, and even says the right words, but then a week later never replies, but you know is free cause she's on tumblr all day(we first started talking not on tumblr though).

Yeh thats pretty shitty, if they aren’t bothered about spending time with you or talking to you then they don’t deserve you.

Anonymous said: I think I'm really starting to like this girl, but I kind of really want to just cuddle with her a lot. Like that's top on my mind before havign sex with her right now because I really really like her and want to get closer to her. Is that normal? love, nonny

Yes of course it is, just make sure that you’re definitely attracted to her before you get into a relationship with her. I know what it’s like to be told that the person you love isn’t attracted to you and it wasn’t nice, so try to respect her feelings and make sure you know you want to be in a relationship before you initiate it.

Anonymous said: I'm dating a boy, but sometimes I feel attracted to girls. And I get confused sometimes. What advice would you give me?

Dont worry about being 100% gay…sexuality is fluid so just go with how you feel

Anonymous said: Is it normal to still love and miss your girlfriend after she cheated on you and lied and hurt you?

Yes, it takes time to get over someone no matter what they did to you.

Anonymous said: Recently my friends have been making jokes about me being bi (which I am not) but then I have been having felling a that I might be bisexual and I feel uncomfortable when they make jokes but I am bit ready to tell them how I feel and so far these are only feelings. A few months ago one of my friends came out as bi but people talked behind her back then she said she wasn't anymore. I don't want this to happen to me. I am just a little confused on what I should do? Thanks for listening x :)

Definitely wait until you’re sure of your sexuality and are certain you want to share it with everyone. Its impossible to keep it from some people, especially at school, because everyone gossips all the time.
So wait until your proud of who you are and have accepted who you are, then come out to everyone when you’re ready. Telling a close friend first for support is also a good idea :)

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